BGC Brick Campaign

Not just a building.

A place to become…

A business owner. A race car driver. A banker. A printer. A basketball player. A reporter. A social worker. An actor. A pilot. A lawyer. A police officer. A doctor. A wedding planner. A veterinarian. A paramedic. A teacher. A web developer. A writer. A psychologist. An artist. An accountant. An architect. A musician. A financial advisor. A senator. A hairstylist. A massage therapist. A ski instructor. A physical therapist. A principal. A member of the armed forces. An app developer. A personal trainer. A sales associate. A news anchor.

Donate $100 and receive a commemorative Boys & Girls Clubs of the Tennessee Valley brick in appreciation. And become a member of the Hal C. Stephens Society.

Hal C. Stephens Society

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